Retire wealthier, sooner.

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A retirement strategy with more benefits.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Protect yourself and your key people with The Prestige Strategy™, a retirement plan that pays. Now you can secure more money for your future, and everyone in it.

The Prestige Strategy™

Tax-free withdrawals

Most retirement fund withdrawals are heavily taxed by the government. But we repay low-cost loans with the benefit payout. So you can withdraw funds tax-free.

No more premium checks

We partner with the finest financial institutions in the world to finance your plan. That means no more premium checks for you.

Upside potential, downside protection

Tied to market gains, our cash value crediting methodology gives you downside protection that halts decreasing market returns at 0%. So you’re safe from market losses.

An attractive Golden Handcuff

Retain key people in your business by offering The Prestige Strategy, a high-value benefit to them with a low-cost commitment from you. No more losing vital employees.

Your partner in peace of mind.

Cool Springs Financial provides security for you and your family by creating financial strategies with unparalleled benefits for retirement, Golden Handcuff employee insurance, and more.